"The Secret To Turning 
Your Food Struggle 
Into A 
Profitable Passion"
Even If You have No Experience or Degree
What You Will Discover
  • The 5 Step plan to turn your food struggle into your greatest asset for your life and the lives of women around the world.
  • ​Reinvent your life with a business that gives you purpose, income, and time flexibility without any experience under your belt
  • ​Why simplicity is important your first year mastering a skill and growing a business
  • How to get the experience to know your clients will get results so you can start charging for the transformation with confidence
  • ​Why this is the best time to go all in on creating a business in the mental wellness space over weight loss space.
  • ​How you can get up and running quickly to create a business not an expensive hobby
Karen Diaz
Dietitian and Eating Disorder Expert
Karen Diaz has helped thousands of women overcome their eating disorders since 2005. She is the author of the best selling book, Within: Making Peace With Food and Body Image To Create a Healthy Family and Home. Her podcast The Free Life is downloaded by thousands of women and her mission is to create generational change in how we relate to food and our bodies. Now she trains other women with her proven Break Free system so they creating lasting impact through a profitable business filled with purpose. 
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